Da Lat: Camping trip ^^

On May 18th, 2011, we have a field trip to Da Lat, camping for two days and the other two day we would check into the hotel and go do others activities, it a total of 4 days.

Day 1:

We seat on the bus for eight hours, it was fun like a road trip, where you get to hang out with you friend. Sometimes we would stop for break and lunch. We headed for Da Lat is at 7 o’clock in the morning so we reach to Da Lat around 3 o’clock in the afternoon. When we reach to Da Lat we divide ourself up into 4 sub team, and each team captain would be responsible for the group member. Then each group come up with a name, and we headed down to the boat to go across the lake to reach to the campsite. When we get to the campsite, we drop our stuff and we get into groups and do some trust exercise. Where you learn how to trust each other, we were blindfolded and the captain would instruct the team member to build the tent. After the trust exercise, we were assign into tent and start to in pack, and be ready for dinner at six. After dinner, we have a bonfire and we melt marsh mellow and make smore (chocolate,cracker, marsh mellow together). We also sing songs as a group and tell some ghost story together. At last, we went to bed at ten.

Day 2:

We woke up and had breakfast at seven. After breakfast, we  went to get ready for our hiking , where we went over a mountain in 3 hours. It was fun, it was the first time I ever do something like that, even though it kind of tired, but I really like it. After that, we went for lunch, which kind of like a picnic. After lunch, we start doing activities like spider web, where you have to go over a space and you can’t touch the string. The next activity is building blocks, but you are blind folded, you can talk but you have to use noises to communicate with you team members. I found that was kind of challenging, but it was fun though, because I get to learn why planning was so important. Then we went back to the campsite to have dinner. After that we get to meet the Lat minority, we get to dance together. It was fun, I get to know there dance move and a little bit of their religion. We have bonfire afterward, we did some marsh mellow and went to sleep after that, it was a tired day.

Day 3:

We wake at seven and went for breakfast, then we get ready to went to the other side of the lake to do some activities like zip line, trust v, and monkey bar. I like all of the activities but the one that I found was most challenging was the monkey bar. Because I found it kine of hard for me to go from one bar to another, but at least I almost broke the record, and I’m glad about it. After those activities, we went back to the camp site for lunch. Then we get change, and head down to the lake to build our raft. It takes my group a lot of time to build a raft so we don’t have much time to tested in the water at the end. So we just go straight out and start riding it, therefore my group went last. After we finish the race, we get to stay in the water and swim with our friends, and enjoy ourselves in the lake. Our teacher, Mr. Paul  would pretend to be shark and come get us, that was quite scary. We went to rinse of the with water afterward, and change into our new clothes. We check out the campsite, and headed to our resort. Which is very nice, we checked in and get our room, and we have some free time before we headed out for dinner. That was our last dinner together, so we did some Karaoke. Then we get back to the hotel, and did out team cheer. After that the girl (us) we went to watch movie together in our room and we went to bed.

Day 4:

We wake up at seven, we went for break fast. After that, we went to pack our stuff and ready to check out the hotel at eight. Then we went to a school called Lam Dong school for people who have hearing problem. We donate stuff to them, and learn sign language to be able to communicate with them. Then we divide into two groups, one goes to look around the school, and the other group will go do some activities with them.  It was fun getting to know them, and also get to learn some sign language. After the visit, I learn that I’m very lucky and I should appreciate what I had. Then we say good bye to them, and headed to the hand painting place. We learn how to do water drawing, and how to draw with only our hand. It was quite interesting, we even have competition afterward, between group. We have to wash our hand with gas, because the paint was oil base. Then we went for lunch, and it is when we say good bye to the Embers staff, and headed back to Ho Chi Minh.

I think it was a fun trip, and I get to learn lot of stuff.

The Sneetches: Review

Dr. Seuss\’ The Sneetches

The story is about a group of species the called Sneetch, and they are a type of bird that leave in the beach. Even though, they are the same species but some of them are different, some have star, and some don’t. Therefore, the one that have star had form a stereotype that “The sneetches who has star is the sneetches in the beach”. Which discriminate the others for not having star. So the ones that have no star cannot join what the others are doing. The on has star had prejudice the one that doesn’t have star base on what they look, and I think that very racist. So the sneetches has no star go to get a star, and then the one who already has star go to get their star off so that they are different. The cycle keep going on and on, but then they have learn a lesson and realize that everyone is the same.
1) How might the story have turned out if they hadn’t been able to change their attitude?
If they hadn’t been able to change their attitudes, then the story would turn out differently. The cycle I mention above would go on and on, and the sneetches won’t get along with each other and one would think that they are better than another. It would lead to discrimination and racism
2) Why is it important to include every voice?
It is important to include every voice, because then people would have known what every one opinion on something, not knowing only one point of view. Therefore it would be fair for everyone, and that follow the quote ” Everyman is the same as another”.
3)How can a society as a whole benefit from the participation from those who have been
The society as a whole benefit from the participation from those have been excluded, by sharing different perspective and ideas. They could also learn new things like culture, and different point of view of others.

Edublogs Awards Domination

Class Blog: I dominate  icubed for the best class blog of the year blogging challenge

Reason: I like this blog, because it is  very colorful, attractive, and really get attention to the visitors.

Student Blog: I dominate vanessascs16 for the best student blog of the the year blogging challange

Reason: I like this blog, because the title of the blog really get attention, and the content is very interesting.

What do I need to do to get more visitors ?

I think to increase the amount of visitors for my blog, I should write more interesting post. Or I could go to different people blog and leave a comment, so they could visit my blog and leave a comment back. Maybe I could change my themes once a while and have different widget, so people won’t feel bored when ever they visit ,my blog. I could include other people blog in, their fore they get a ping back from me. I think all the above that I have mention might help, if you have better way to do it then you could comment in this post, and I could add more.

Blogging over the summer

I don’t think I will continue blogging over the summer, because my sisters form abroad a back, so I want to spend time with my family traveling. Also I want to take a break from typing and others school stuff. I probably  still checking my blog but I won’t update any post. The other reason is keeping me away from blogging, is that I have to go to cooking class, so I won’t have time to do any blogging

Blog Audit for Tracy

My first impression for Tracy blog is that she really write a lot, but interesting stuff. I guess she love to write, because every post of her are all very interesting, and lot of words at the same time.  But the things that capture me the most is the video that she made about cat. The things that distract me the most is her gray themes. I think she had put a lot of effort in every post of her. But my recommendations for her are she should have more color for her blog (maybe I love stuff to be colorful), and she should add more like fun widget in her blog to make it more interesting. Other than that, I think she has a very cool and organize blog.

What I have done so far

How many posts did you write?

  • I have wrote 28 posts

How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge?

  • 26 were set by the challenge, and two of them were my own interests.

How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?

  • 5 were from classmates, and 1 were form teachers, and 9 were from overseas students.

Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?

  • Post received the most comments were My Super Duper Cool Blog and My Family Avatar. I think it happened because people were interested about what my blog would be about and what my family look like.

Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?

  • I enjoy writing the most was the post that talk about the place that I would want to visit, because while I was writing I was very excited and I can’t wait to tell everyone how cool that place was.

Did you change blog themes at all and why?

  • No, Because if I change the blog themes, some of widget would disappear.

How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?

  • I have 15 widgets, and I think it enough for now.

How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll?

  • I have  3 overseas students in my blogroll

My favorite animal

My favorite animal is panda. I like it because of it black and white fur and the cuteness of the animal. I have never ever in my whole life saw a real panda, and I really want to be able to feed it and hug it, and have one as a pet. I think that it a very cool animal, because of how powerful it jaws are to be able to bite the bamboo tree, and how cool it fur color. That all make it very special, compare to the others bear. This is a small quiz that tested you about panda:

Panda’s Territory: Where do pandas come from? (Answers hidden below)

Giant pandas have lived in the bamboo forests of China for millions years and have been honored by the Chinese for a very long time. In fact, giant pandas have appeared in Chinese art for thousands of years. Because the giant panda is considered a national treasure in China, it is protected by law so that it does not become extinct.

Although giant pandas have long been known to the Chinese, they are a recent discovery for people living outside of China. The first westerner to observe a live giant panda in the wild was a German zoologist named Hugo Weigold. In 1916, he bought a cub while he was on expedition.

1. Giant pandas live in the bamboo forests of what country?

A. Mexico
B. India
C. China

2. Why are giant pandas protected by law?

A. So that they don’t run away
B. Because they are dangerous
C. So that they don’t become extinct

3. Although the Chinese have known about giant pandas for a long time, for people outside of China, pandas are:

A. a relatively recent discovery
B. not very interesting
C. old news

Answers: 1. c; 2. c; 3.a

I recommend you websites that you can learn lot of fun fact about panda: http://www.pandaexpress.com/pandakids/html/fun_facts/index.html; http://www.china.org.cn/english/features/panda/37997.htm

The below are blog and others website.

Blog: http://www.pandasliveon.com/; http://giantpandasem.blogspot.com/

Website: http://www.worldwildlife.org/species/finder/giantpanda/panda.html; http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/mammals/giant-panda/



Image: ‘Sa première activité: manger du bambou‘ 

Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic

Trip to W.A.R (wildlife at risk)

Last week Friday (April 22nd, 2011), which is Earth Day. My school we celebrate it my having a field trip, where we visit an animal rescue center called WAR ( Wildlife At Risk) at Cu Chi, Vietnam. I get to see lot of different animal, and I also get to hear lot of different stories of each animal. The trip really help me to realize how lucky I am compare to these animal there. It also made me as a human felt very guilty toward these animal.  So I’ve learned that we have to appreciate every living things on earth and respect them the way we wanted to be treat. I think the trip is very helpful and entertaining at the same time.  I was really glad to see lot of animal especially the bears, and the pangolin. I would love to go on a trip like this again.